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  • Oversized loads: $1.75 per/mile
  • Over 18' wide: $1.85 per/mile
  • Wait time (hourly): $20.00 per/hour (1st 2-hrs., NO CHARGE!)
  • Day Downtime: $200.00 per day + motel / Pole Car: $250.00 per day + motel
  • Emergency Traffic Control: $25.00 per/hour
  • High Pole (depending on height):
  •            $1.85 - $2.10 per mile (dependent on height)
  •            (17' plus - Additional Charges will apply)
  • Mini-Runs (less than 100 mi. or 2 hours): $250.00 -  *(Excluding silos/oil equipment)
  • Hi Pole Mini-Run:  $300.00 (less than 150 mi. or 3 hours; under 16-ft height) - *(Excluding silos/oil equipment)
  • Regular Car / Day Rate (101-290 miles per/day): 
  •            $500.00 Chase
  •            $600-$700 High Pole (dependent upon height)
  • "No-Go" - Regular Car (Equipment ordered/not used; Under/Over 100 mi. deadhead): $175.00 
  • "No-Go" - High Pole (Equipment ordered/not used; Under/Over 100 mi. deadhead): $200.00

  • Slow/Superload (tag car): $550 per/day minimum + motel (tag car) 
  • Slow/Superload (highpole): $750 per/day minimum + motel
  • Deadhead: $.50 per/mile    
  •            (no charge if load miles exceed deadhead, up to 250 miles) 
  • Motel: $90.00 per/night (actual cost of hotel may apply)   
  •           **Extra charge for motels on loads going over 500 miles on delivery after 3p.m. Winter/after 5p.m. Summer; unless backloaded 
  • Mobile Homes/Modular Units: $1.75 per mile
  • Continuous move/Security loads: $1.85 per/mile
  • Backloads:  WELCOMED! 
  • Mega-Loads/Slow (Ex. Houses, Transformers, etc):  (0-150 miles)
    • $550.00 Chase
    • $750.00 High Pole

Open account billing extended for the convenience of our customers.  Billed Net-15 days from date of invoice.
Payment must be received in our office on or before 15 days to keep your account from being delinquent.
Interest shall accrue at a rate of 15% per month on delinquent account balances.
In the event it becomes necessary to turn the account over to collections, a fee of 15% will be added to defray the cost of collection/attorney fees.
If it should be necessary to file suit to collect the delinquent monies, (court costs, attorney fees, and interest) will be added to the claim. 
Pilot car drivers are independent contractors, and not employees or agents of Sapphire Rose Pilot Car, Inc.
Pilot car services are provided under the control and direction of such independent contractors, and Sapphire Rose Pilot Car, Inc. disclaims any liability for the pilot car services rendered by such independent contractors.
Please direct questions or clarification of the above information to Vickie Simmons, Owner; Sapphire Rose Pilot Car, Inc. 





**Note: Prices may vary from state-to-state when arranging escorts!!**

**(Fuel surcharges may apply.)**

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